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Cool wind blows with the coming autumn. Bustling cities, dense forests and eye-like lakes are all surrounded by colorful trees, the changing leaves are falling to make roads and paths pretty. At this moment, how about we dress up to take a "NEW ME" pic?
Our latest wigs will be a perfect assistant for Your "NEW ME". Here’s our list of the most popular wigs this fall season.
Be in action and be on trend.


1.)Back to Front Bobs

  Shay Synthetic Wig


This kind of Bob haircut with different lengths and special shape looks capable and fashionable. Ladies with wide foreheads or heart-shaped face should try this look as it looks particularly great on them. Creating the alternative fashion sense, the asymmetrical design of shorter back and longer front matches with side-swept bangs to perfectly modify the face shape, showing small face and individuality.


2.) Bob Curl

Flair Mono | Synthetic Monofilament Crown Wig


"Bob curl", aka naturally-curly-perm Bob hairstyle, features soft elastic curls and slightly lazy feeling, but the overall texture is significantly natural. There is no obvious curl in the hair style, but a feeling of several big bends. Only in this way can the bend-like curls maximally avoid the impression of too-old-looking. The fashionable hair colors and the side-swept bangs make you energetic with a structured face.


3.)Feathery Layer

Renew | Synthetic Wig (Traditional Cap)


On the basis of Sassoon's style, modern short hair has been taking great effort in processing the sense of base line and premetier shape, so as to create more and more beautiful, chic-pixie shapes. No more the thick and stacked style, but lighter and more breathable, which is the biggest feature of modern short-style wigs. Straight short hair with shattered bangs above eyebrows are very suitable for ladies over 30, which exudes a kind of male charm, thus making the delicate facial features look more outstanding, such as bigger eyes, more straight nose, more attractive corners of the mouth, and so on.

 4.) Ready for Takeoff

Ready for Takeoff Wig|Synthetic Wig


A littel...basic for the regular short haircut? "Basic" will never make mistakes, but sometimes we may want to update our "basic" to next level. Let's look at the newly-levelled version.

The thick and fluffy stereoscopic short style is easy to take care of, just shake-and-go, which offers a perfect and capable style for every occasion. Being matched with popular pepper-and-salt color, it is fashionable, beautiful and not outdated.


5.) Soft Wave

Soft Wave Bob Tousled Layers Synthetic Wig


The subtle layers and shattered bangs increase a little puffiness for this short and delicate wig. This kind of texture perm also makes the puffiness effect more perfect through a little radian. The feathered-cut layered style and casual-shaking curls show its artistic precision while still being playful and fun, with the choppy and tousled look creating an image of being capable and experienced. Synthetic wigs have style memory, which means that after you wash and dry your wig, it will automatically go back to its original style.


6.) Tight Ringlets

Nancy Short Synthetic Wig


Another short hair style shaping an able and experienced image appears, which is lively and delightful as well as feminine. This wig offers you just enough volume to counteract that stuck-to-your-head feeling and looks great lifted and pulled back. The light effect adds a lot of fairyism to this hairstyle.The thin and breathable bangs also play an important role in structuring facial shape. The hairlines in different layers with different length create a plump and fluffy overall shape, and the hair color suitable for skin color makes the wig style fashionable.




7) Wool-Like Curls

Radiant Beauty Synthetic Wig


As the most cute and lovely hairstyle in this autumn, the extremely gentle wool curly wig feeling like the lamb makes the hair volume look more soft, showing the small, fresh and lovely temperament. Is it more beautiful and generous?! Many gals think that the wool-like curl belongs to the tight curly perm. In fact, it is more lazy and personalized, with the feeling of fluffy looking really cute.


8.) Rinka Haircut

Rylee (Exclusive) | Monofilament Part Synthetic Wig


After saying GOODGYE to the relaxing and lively summer, the ripe-young style is BACK! The appropriate length and natural curls push this pre-styled Rinka Haircut Wig to be strongly recommeded, which is both life-like and modern. With a sense of being a lady Elegant and lovely, and a gentle and capable female charm. The curly curve is matched with a bun on the top of the head, which is very cute. The girl next door's comeliness is released completely through her hair style, which is very eye pleasing.


9.) Ocean-Waves

Vivian | Synthetic Lace Front Wig


Being suitable for all the face contours is the point for the permanent popularity of ocean-wave wigs, with the elegant length and perfect hairstyle outline attacking people with charming visual impact. The ocean-wave curly wig is always popular among ladies. Most ladies have ever had or want to have such a hairstyle, and even many stars also love it. The fringe with exposed forehead has the effect of lengthening the face. Featured by the fashionable and young style,  the overall temperament is also very good.

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